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Endorsed By Physicians and The Pool and Spa Industry

We have been in the hot tub business for over 25 years, more specifically in the water treatment solution for home spas.  Our approach is simple and easy and most important of all, it is 100% NATURAL and ORGANIC.  We believe in and support the use of natural alternatives when it comes to positeviley affecting our personal health and well-being.  Our mission, as avid hot tubbers ourselves, is to ensure that Spa Solution® is used for every hot tub household, worldwide.  We are proud to be able to share and bring to you this wonderful, natural, inexpensive and safest way known to man and woman to treat your spa water.

A Product So Safe It Requires No Warning Labels!

This Natural Product is for the Chemical Intolerant!

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The ‘Danger Zone’ - Your Spa/Hot Tub
The Dangers of Hot Tub Harsh Chemicals

          It’s a fact. You need to test and treat your spa constantly to keep the water free from dangerous contaminants. If you don’t, your hot tub could become the breeding ground for all kinds of nasty things that could make you sick or make your spa very unattractive. But there is a big problem with the way most spas are treated: harsh, dangerous and harmful chemicals are used.

            Many of the chemicals used to treat your spa are toxic. And that’s not all. The elevated temperatures of spas cause these chemicals to be more active and an even greater threat to you. Elevated temperatures also open up the pores of your skin, making you more vulnerable to attack from these chemicals. If that wasn’t enough...these harsh chemicals are absorbed directly into your blood when you breathe the vapours caused by the elevated temperatures. Is it any wonder that more than 80% of the people who use hot tubs have some kind of adverse reaction like red eyes, flaky skin and irritating rashes?

            There are other problems with chemicals. Some of them are corrosive which means more maintenance and more money to spend. You have to constantly test the quality of the water to make sure everything is balanced. And when something is out of balance, you add more chemicals. You’re constantly adding more and more chemicals to your spa. After a while you’ve got yourself a potent chemical soup! When it gets this bad, it’s time to drain the tub and then start the whole process all over again. And don’t forget that the chemical soup that used to be your spa water is polluting the environment.

            It’s a serious situation.  There is a way that you can enjoy the pleasures of your spa while not exposing yourself to cancer-causing chemicals and destroying the environment. Finally, there is a better, safer, healthier way to maintain your hot tub.  The solution….

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